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Company in transition to the next level?
Reed Technology Management Group helps growing companies like yours ensure you have the right technology, infrastructure, and resources to achieve your business goals. <more info>

Corporation preparing for M & A or a VC/funding organization working your next investment?
Reed Technology Management Group works with both funding organizations and private companies to provide third party, independent verification of technical infrastructure and capabilities to ensure growth and help protect and value investments. <more info>

Company needing help with system selection or transition, vendor outsourcing, or system design and implementation management?
Reed Technology Management Group helps fill gaps in design, implementation, and leadership of technical infrastructure and software solutions. <more info>


We assist organizations who:

  • Are experiencing a disconnect between their business priorities and the performance of their technology investments
  • Are uncertain about technology investments or the efficiency of their existing technology
  • Are concerned their IT or engineering projects are running out of control, taking too long, or costing too much
  • Do not have the right staff or skills for that new technology project, product launch or company expansion
  • Need to establish technology governance procedures and benchmarks for measuring performance and return on investment

We are able to achieve dramatic solutions as a result of:

  • The team having deep line management experience as CIOs, CTOs and VPs of Engineering or IT in various industries.
  • Focus on business first and technology second.
  • Senior staff does all work, hands-on.
  • Our people are rewarded on client satisfaction, not staff utilization.