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Designing Interactive TV Products

The Challenge

With the internet fast becoming a force in consumer entertainment, RCA needed an entry into the internet-enabled interactive television market that would marry their existing internet and television expertise.

The Solution

RTMG designed the reference architecture for Internet TV devices that were then used to actually launch the first interactive TV product. This set-top box eventually became the basis for both the WebTV product and company, which was later acquired by Microsoft.


With its flagship RCA and GE brand names, Thomson manufactures and markets color TV sets, VCRs, digital satellite decoders, DVD players, camcorders, home audio systems, telephones, and a myriad of accessories. As the world's largest supplier of large/ very large color TV picture tubes, they actively develop new digital entertainment products that allow consumers to interact with new media through the internet and other digital systems. Developing and renewing itself by taking advantage of converging technologies and markets in television, computers, and telecommunications, Thomson invests in such high value-added activities as components and new television-related services as electronic program guides, interactive TV, and home internet access products.